Career Xplorers offers job interview training that fits your needs.

Career Xplorers


Career Xplorers offers job interview training that fits your needs.

Job Interview Training Programs

Career Xplorers offers personalized job interview training services. We customize the information to fit your individual needs and experience level and create a learning schedule that works best for you.

We understand that each client is unique. By working directly with you, we are able to focus on interviewing challenges that concern you the most, as well as provide overall guidance. We care deeply about each and every client and will work diligently to help guide you as you prepare for your next job interview.

Privacy and confidentiality are paramount. The interviewing process is already stressful enough, and it often has to be done in a way that will not compromise your existing position. We appreciate these sensitivities and work to protect your privacy and personal information.

Our goal is to deliver quality training that fits your specific needs and concerns.


  • FREE initial consultation call
  • Resume review and editing – $75 per resume
  • Training and discussion on topics other than your resume:
  • $75 per hour (phone or video one-on-one conferences.)
  • Comprehensive Training Package Program:
  • $400 for a total of 6 hours of training over a pre-determined schedule that best fits your needs. We cover all aspects and materials of the total interview process, help customize your resume, practice mock interviews, provide LinkedIn advice, and target the training around your specific questions and concerns.

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”I have consulted Jessica on several occasions when preparing for job interviews.Job interviews can be very intimidating, and she was able to provide a helpful step-by-step process in order to prepare. She is patient and business savvy. I felt confident during my interviews and was able to provide answers about my work experience and future plans without hesitation. I did get the job! I definitely give Jessica credit for her role in my success and highly recommend her services.“

Alicia - Physical Therapist (Austin, TX)

Career Xplorers